Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Big Sigh

It is funny how life can seem like a storm, and other times it can seem like the sun that chases the storm away.  I have been so busy today that I have felt overwhelmed.  The very reason I don't "multitask" is because I feel like for me that is code for "simultaneously doing several things poorly."  For that reason I am grateful for a quiet Sunday.  While I know my life and opportunities are blessings not to be wished away, I also appreciate a day of solitude.

As the hour for bed approaches, I am catching the news while my dog takes a pre-bedtime nap.  With lunch packed for a week, ninety-nine percent of my laundry done, and some great family developments (to be blogged later), I am nested and pleased.

I can do this, I will be what my students need, and will stay fully present in the moments this week holds for me.


  1. Sundays hold a special meaning for teachers an can definitely induce a bug sigh:)

  2. It is always hard to do one thing at a time and to stay present in each moment. I love the line: I am nested and pleased!

  3. Here's to staying fully present. I think that's more important than multi-tasking!