Friday, March 27, 2015


Goals for this year
- less upsetti, more spaghetti (Confession: I stole this post idea from a friend's daughter, and this first goal is word-for-word as she shared it)
- kiss my dog one million times everyday
- bark less, wag more (yes, stole this too)
- with friends, family, and pets who are like family, remember daily that each moment together is precious
- participate in a book club, a book challenge, and read 2 books I've "always wanted to read" 
- only drink good coffee
- drink more tea
- drink more water

- make more friends
- eat more kale and ice cream
- remember moderation in all things
- take more photos
- consume less
- feel the feels (even when they are painful)
- exercise more
- travel more
- spend more time at home

(I love posting this in March instead of January, no pressure)

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  1. I really like the first one, being a fan of spaghetti and not of upsetti...