Monday, March 16, 2015

Reading and Lamenting

I just realized I will miss another month of book club.  I excitedly joined a book club at the local public library in January.  That month we read Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen.  But, despite having read the book for February, The End of Your Life Book Club, I was unable to participate.  On the night of book club I was hosting my best friend for a week visit.  Ironically enough, one night we even watched The Jane Austen Book Club on TV.  But this month has been a perfect storm.  Between PARCC testing, Slice of Life blogging, tutoring, getting a new car, family demands...  I have not read the book, The Poisoner's Handbook.  In fact, I am reading a book I am really enjoying, The Miniaturist, and am reluctant to interrupt my flow.  Book club is Thursday.

What bothers me so much is I feel this is a bad example for my students.  I am a literacy interventionist.  I am in that tight spot where I see my expectations through my student's eyes.  When they have neglected to read something I have assigned, do I focus on haranguing the student, or do I focus on solutions, try to help the student prioritize and find the time to read?

Is there a solution for me?  Should I attend the Thursday night book club meeting, or is that a disservice to my fellow book club members if I can not fully discuss the book?  Or do I snuggle in Thursday night for a book club of one, perhaps with a cup of tea or glass of wine.  I am conflicted.


  1. Perhaps join an online book club?
    Although it is rather nice to do things in person in an age where everything is digital. I'd skip this month and make a renewed effort next month!

  2. I go for snuggling in for that book club of one . . . although I have frequently attended my book club without having read the book, just to listen in on those who did and enjoy their company. So if you can go without feeling guilty and you're trying to build a relationship with the group, go. Otherwise, enjoy the book you're currently reading and give yourself a break from your perfect storm. There's always next month!