Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Piece (of My Mind) Train

I have gotten so much out of the Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC), the month long blogging challenge.  In particular I feel more confident that I can share an experience with others, they will be kind.  I have also enjoyed the accountability that participants are expected to post daily.  Blogging gives my day a bit of ritual.

Having said that, I doubt I'll be able to post to my blog tomorrow.  I am a middle school teacher in Colorado and tomorrow there is a rally at the State Capital to discuss the negative effect that the over abundance of standardized tests are having on children in the state, and elsewhere in the USA.  Called "Our Students Are More Than A Score," the rally will include lawmakers, parents, students (hopefully those on Spring Break) and teachers.

But I will need to travel more than 230 miles to the rally.  So a group of teachers will leave early on a bus, rally, then return the same day.  I am looking forward to the time with my colleagues and meeting others and hearing what they have to say about this issue.  However, I also know the day will be exhausting.

But seeing the frustration, fear and fatigue of my students has motivated me.  I don't normally rock the boat.  But I am thinking tonight of others who risked more than I'll ever risk to make their voices heard and hopefully bring about change for the good.  And the song Peace Train is going through my mind.  So I guess tomorrow I will be riding the Piece (of My Mind) Train.

If you don't agree with me on the standardized testing issue, I hope you'll at least say a prayer that my travels are safe.

More details in two days...

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